Rent the Brü for Ü

Want to add a little magic and charm to your wedding or special event? Hire us to caffeinate your next get-together!
Our service includes all menu items, from an Americano, to your standard,"Dairy-free, Non-fat, Extra Foam, Half-Sweet Dirty Chai with an extra shot of espresso" kind of bevvy... 

See the Bru Bar Menu here: /pages/our-menu

Tell us about your event at, & please be sure to let us know:

  • How may guests you are expecting.

  • How long you would like us to serve your event.

  • If you like us to craft a signature beverage for you.

*Pricing is subject to the lowest number of quoted guests in attendance.*

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Email | • T | 250.510.0497

A quick look at some of our adventures:


Prepping for the Hallmark film, The Wedding Veil, Bastion Square, 2021.











Serving the set of Hallmark's, Christmas House.

The BrüBike has been a regular feature the last couple of summers at Victoria's Cook Street Village Food Court (and yes, we painted the bright background on the wall!)

Bastion Square, 2018

Setting up on the set of MAID in Fernwood, Victoria.

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